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Situated in the northern part of Shaviyani Atoll, Noomaraa stands as the least populated island in this serene atoll. Covering about 41 hectares, this hidden gem is home to 522 people, offering a unique and peaceful escape for those seeking a glimpse into the traditional ways of Maldivian life.Sh Noomaraa Aerials

Historical Charm: Abandonment and Resettlement

Noomaraa has an intriguing history, abandoned three times and settled four times. Legends speak of a stone placed in the old Friday mosque. People say this stone was part of a ritual to bring life back to the island. The island has remained inhabited since then . You can find another similar stone in a yard near the current Friday mosque. This second stone was believed to have been placed to cure things like the flu and help with fishing when times were tough., and today, the remnants of its past are woven into the fabric of Noomaraa’s unique charm.

Lush Greenery and Ancient Lifestyle of Noomaraa

Covered in thick greenery and trees, Noomaraa offers a captivating glimpse into the lifestyle of ancient Maldivians. Narrow tree-lined streets in the original settlement area host houses and kitchens on both sides, reflecting the simplicity of life embraced by the islanders. The lush landscape adds to the tranquil atmosphere, creating a haven for those seeking a break from the bustling world.

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Serenity of Island Life

Life in Noomaraa is simple, and the islanders relish the peace it brings. Throughout the day, older folks gather in huts scattered around the island, cherishing moments spent together. Elderly women, skilled in knitting and weaving, spend their days by the beach, creating intricate crafts. In the evenings, families often congregate in the island harbor and squares, savoring the calm atmosphere that envelops Noomaraa.

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Livelihoods and Traditions of Noomaraa

Most of the people in Noomaraa sustain themselves through government jobs, embodying a traditional way of life. Weaving and rope making are common, preserving age-old crafts. Unlike other islands in the Maldives, tourism does not heavily influence the younger population. Fishing, although a common activity, yields modest income. Islanders cultivate crops during Ramadan, ensuring a self-sufficient supply of vegetables and fruits.

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Noomaraa: A Glimpse into Authentic Maldivian Life

Noomaraa stands as one of the less crowded villages in the Maldives, preserving the traditional ways of Maldivian life. It offers a unique opportunity to witness the simplicity, tranquility, and authenticity of island living, making it a destination that captures the essence of the Maldives in its purest form. As you explore Noomaraa, you’ll discover a hidden haven where time seems to stand still, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of this captivating atoll.

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