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Nikafathu Bon’di


Mariyam Zulfa, a native of Ha. Kelaa, warmly greeted everyone with “Ramadan Mubarak” as she shared about the special Ramadan delicacy called “Nikafathu Bon’di” in an interview. As she passionately explained the recipe, she highlighted the significance of this beloved treat during the holy month of Ramadan.

According to Mariyam, the key ingredients for Nikafathu Bon’di are young coconut flesh, sugar, flour, eggs, and jasmine water. She emphasized that the fragrance of the jasmine water adds a unique touch to the dish, giving it a distinct Kelaa flavor.

When asked about the cooking process, Mariyam detailed that the batter is mixed well in a bowl before being spread onto a Nika Faiy, which is the leaf of a banyan tree. Another leaf is then placed on top to seal the batter, creating a parcel-like shape. The Nikafathu Bon’di is then cooked on a pan, with each side heated until it’s perfectly done, resulting in a mouthwatering delicacy.

Mariyam shared that Nikafathu Bon’di holds a special significance during Ramadan in Kelaa, as it is a cherished treat enjoyed by families and friends during iftar, the time when Muslims break their fast. She expressed that the sweet and aromatic flavors of this unique dish perfectly complement the special atmosphere of the holy month, bringing joy and satisfaction to those who partake in it.

As a proud native of Kelaa, Mariyam hopes to spread awareness and appreciation for the unique culinary traditions of her hometown by sharing the tradition of Nikafathu Bon’di. She believes that this beloved Kelaa delicacy represents the rich culinary heritage of her community and showcases the warm hospitality of its people.

In conclusion, Mariyam Zulfa shared passionately about Nikafathu Bon’di, a cherished and delicious Ramadan special from Kelaa. She highlighted the key ingredients and the traditional cooking process, as well as the significance of this dish during Ramadan. Her pride in her hometown’s culinary heritage and her desire to share it with others was evident throughout the interview. Ramadan Kareem!

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