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Vaikaradhoo: A resilient island with a rich history dating back to the Keylakunu storm.


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Vaikaradhoo, nestled in Haa Dhaalu Atoll, has a poignant history that traces back to the infamous Keylakunu storm. Approximately 200 years ago, Thuh’koibey became the island’s pioneer settler, leading to the establishment of a resilient community. Even before the storm, Vaikaradhoo was a thriving hub in the Greater Thiladhunmathi region. Notably, the island’s landscape still echoes the remnants of pre-Islamic worship, with the revered “Boi” tree standing as a testament to the island’s spiritual past.

HDh Vaikaradhoo Aasaaree Miskiy
HDh Vaikaradhoo Aasaaree Miskiy

Cultural Heritage: Echoes of the Past

Vaikaradhoo stands as a living museum, adorned with ruins of cemeteries and mosques from different eras. The island’s inhabitants take pride in preserving these relics, showcasing a rich cultural tapestry. Today, Vaikaradhoo grapples with the challenge of accommodating a migrated population, making it one of the most densely populated islands in the Maldives.

HDh Vaikaradhoo People

Educational Oasis: Nurturing Minds for Centuries

Education has been a cornerstone of Vaikaradhoo’s identity for centuries. The island’s commitment to learning dates back to ancient times, with the first school believed to have originated in the residence of Malin Manihpulhu. In 1984, the Haa Dhaalu Atoll Madrassa was established, providing education from LKG to Grade 10. With over 500 students from various islands initially, the school continues to thrive, currently enrolling 196 students.

HDh Vaikaradhoo Aerial

Thriving Agriculture: Sustaining Generations

Vaikaradhoo’s lush landscape has long been a source of sustenance for its residents. Agriculture, spanning over 13.24 hectares with 169 farm plots, has been a reliable income generator. The cultivation of fruits, vegetables, wheat, and root vegetables has been a tradition, and the seasonal crop of bimbi harks back to ancient agricultural practices. Beyond farming, the island’s youth actively participate in sports fishing and fishing, contributing to the vibrant local economy.

HDh Vaikaradhoo Gunbaru Bodu Gaa
HDh Vaikaradhoo Gunbaru Bodu Gaa

Architectural Time Capsules: Tracing Centuries of Heritage

Vaikaradhoo boasts some of Haa Dhaalu’s oldest historical monuments. Despite some disappearing over time, the island remains adorned with tombs and mosques from different epochs. Noteworthy landmarks include two mosques surpassing a century in age, namely the small mosque and the Friday mosque. Other notable sites include the Gunbaru Great Stone, the time stone in the courtyard of the Friday Mosque, the Jaadi burial ground, and the ancient Rahvehi house building. The Great Kandoofaa, estimated to be 700 years old, adds to the island’s treasure trove of historical gems.

HDh Vaikaradhoo People

The Island Today: Beauty in Unity

Today, Vaikaradhoo stands as a picturesque island, its beauty magnified by the educated, active, and friendly community that inhabits its shores. Despite the challenges posed by a significant migrated population, Vaikaradhoo continues to be a testament to resilience, heritage, and the vibrant spirit of the Maldives.

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