HDh. Nolhivaranfaru

Nolhivaranfaru, where pristine lagoons and sandy beaches captivate the senses. Enjoy the warmth of its community and the beauty that defines this island.


Experience the Unique Flavors of HDh. Nolhivaranfaru

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Nolhivaranfaru, the second largest island in the Haa Dhaalu Atoll, is a treasure trove of natural beauty. Boasting a stunning lagoon and a stretch of white sandy beach, this hidden gem captures the essence of tranquility and serenity. The mangrove forests and the captivating kandoofa located at the southern end of the island further enhance its allure, while a rare dead tree adds a touch of uniqueness to this picturesque paradise.

HDh Nolhivaranfaru Sayyid Mohamed Al Maghribi Ziyaaraiy
HDh Nolhivaranfaru Sayyid Mohamed Al Maghribi Ziyaaraiy

A Historical Legacy: Nolhivaranfaru’s Capital Status and Islamic Province Heritage

Once the provincial capital of the atoll and the first Islamic province in the Maldives, Nolhivaranfaru has a rich historical legacy spanning almost 400 years. Though the capital was later shifted to Kulhudufushi in 1992, remnants of its prestigious past can still be felt in the air. This island holds stories of governance, cultural significance, and its pivotal role in shaping the region’s history.

Growing Population and Educational Endeavors in Nolhivaranfaru

Under the government’s population consolidation policy, Nolhivaranfaru saw an increase in its population in 2011 when residents from Maavaaidhoo, Faridhoo, and Kunburudhoo were relocated to the island. Currently, around 1200 people call Nolhivaranfaru home, with a significant portion residing elsewhere for educational or employment purposes. The island’s school, with its 326 enrolled students, plays a vital role in fostering education and shaping the future generation.

HDh Nolhivaranfaru Arrival
HDh Nolhivaranfaru Council

Diverse Livelihoods: Government Jobs, Nolhivaranfaru Youth in Tourism, and Agricultural Pursuits

Nolhivaranfaru supports a diverse range of livelihoods. Many island residents are employed in various government positions, contributing to the island’s administrative fabric. The vibrant youth population actively engages in the tourism sector, which holds promising opportunities for growth. Additionally, private individuals are involved in agriculture, cultivating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The council’s initiative to allocate land for agriculture has empowered 153 individuals, paving the way for sustainable agricultural practices.


Nolhivaranfaru’s Fishing Heritage: Tuna Fisheries and Reef Fishing

Fishing holds deep-rooted importance in Nolhivaranfaru. The island is home to three tuna fishery boats, manned by local crew members who carry on the fishing traditions of their ancestors. In addition to tuna fishing, many residents actively engage in reef fishing, further diversifying the island’s fishing heritage and contributing to the local economy.

HDh Nolhivaranfaru Fehi Vadhu Heluvun
HDh Nolhivaranfaru Fehi Vadhu Heluvun

Promoting Local Tourism in Nolhivaranfaru: Marine Life, Sandy Beaches, and Guesthouse Ventures

Efforts have been made to promote local tourism in Nolhivaranfaru, capitalizing on its abundant marine life and stunning sandy beaches. Currently, three guesthouses and a dive center cater to visitors seeking an authentic experience. The island council has allocated and leased over 500,000 acres of land for various tourism purposes, setting the stage for future developments. Although a training resort was planned in 2007, its construction is yet to be realized.

HDh Nolhivaranfaru Aerial
HDh Nolhivaranfaru Beach

Historical Monuments and Cultural Significance of Nolhivaranfaru

Nolhivaranfaru preserves its cultural heritage through historical monuments. The former Friday mosque, built of stone and standing for over a century, occupies the site of an ancient Buddhist structure. While the mosque is in a state of disrepair, it remains a testament to the island’s historical and architectural legacy. Additionally, a shrine dedicated to Sayyid Muhammad al-Maghribi, believed to have visited the island during his travels, holds cultural significance. The shrine, adorned with flags, attracts visitors from neighboring islands, who offer vows and pay their respects as passing boats lower their sails.

HDh Nolhivaranfaru Sayyid Mohamed Al Maghribi Ziyaaraiy
HDh Nolhivaranfaru Sayyid Mohamed Al Maghribi Ziyaaraiy

Nolhivaranfaru’s Welcoming Unity and Kind-hearted Community

Nolhivaranfaru embraces a spirit of unity and togetherness, as reflected in its closely-knit community. The locals are renowned for their kindness, friendliness, and warm hospitality, making every visitor feel at home on this remarkable island.

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