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Discover the hidden gem of Kumundhoo Island! From vibrant education initiatives to a thriving agricultural scene.


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Kumundhoo, also known as Makumundhoo, is a serene rural island nestled in the Maldives, boasting a population of approximately 1501 residents. This charming island spans across 187.9 hectares, featuring a unique blend of coral landscapes, lush vegetation, stunning beaches, and pristine lagoons. In this article, we delve into the heart of Kumundhoo Island, exploring its vibrant community, education initiatives, economic activities, historical landmarks, and its ongoing struggle with port-related challenges.

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Education: Nurturing Minds Since 1948

One of the cornerstones of Kumundhoo’s progress is its commitment to education. The island embarked on its educational journey in 1948 with the establishment of “Maktab-ul-Hidhaya,” now renamed “Kumundhoo School.” This educational institution caters to students up to grade 10 and currently enrolls 238 students. Impressively, Kumundhoo School has consistently achieved commendable academic results. In addition to this, a preschool, operated by a private association with council support, offers early childhood education opportunities for the island’s youngsters.

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Agriculture: The Economic Backbone of Kumundhoo

The economic lifeblood of Kumundhoo revolves around agriculture. The island’s council has thoughtfully allocated arable land to every household, fostering a thriving agricultural sector. Local farmers cultivate these lands, reaping profits from their crops and homesteads. The agricultural produce finds its way to the Saturday market in nearby Kulhudufushi, a bustling hub for trade and commerce. Moreover, many islanders are gainfully employed in government positions, while the younger generation often finds work in the picturesque resorts dotting the Maldivian archipelago. Additional sources of income include fisheries, thatch weaving, construction, and the traditional craft of toddy tapping.

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Navigating Challenges: The Port Dilemma of Kumundhoo

Kumundhoo’s tranquil shores are marred by a pressing concern—the island’s port. Due to its unfavorable orientation, the port faces frequent challenges from strong winds and large waves, jeopardizing the safety of harbor users year-round. In the past 14 years, this perilous situation has resulted in 20 vehicular accidents, with six vehicles rendered beyond repair. Finding a solution to this port-related hazard remains a top priority for the island’s inhabitants.

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Historical Riches: Exploring Kumundhoo’s Past

Kumundhoo boasts a rich historical heritage, with several significant sites awaiting discovery. Among them, “Uskumundhoo” or Tharaagandu stands out. This area hosts the ruins of two rectangular buildings, one measuring an impressive 156 feet in circumference and 10 feet in height. During an excavation conducted 55 years ago, leaf-cut coral stones were unearthed, hinting at its ancient origins. Though the exact date remains elusive, it is believed that these structures date back to the Buddhist period in the Maldives.

The Eid Mosque, an iconic historical building on the island, holds its own historical significance. This aged mosque, standing for about 90 years, resides within the island cemetery. Spanning 425 acres, the mosque is a captivating blend of wood and stone. However, the ravages of time, compounded by storm damage, have left the mosque in a state of disrepair.

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Community Spirit: Kumundhoo’s Unifying Force

Kumundhoo Island is more than just its landscapes and landmarks; it’s a tight-knit community. The residents actively participate in island-level activities, fostering a sense of togetherness that defines Kumundhoo’s essence.

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In conclusion, Kumundhoo Island, with its captivating natural beauty, resilient community, and rich history, continues to thrive amidst its unique challenges. As efforts persist to address the port’s safety issues and preserve its historical treasures, Kumundhoo remains a shining example of island life in the Maldives.

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