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Discover the charm of Kulhudufushi: a vibrant island with a rich culture, lush mangrove forests, and a bustling economy.


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Haa Dhaalu Atoll Kulhuduffushi, the native island of the hero of November 3 Shaheed Hussain Adam, is a remarkable island in terms of nature, culture, and customs. With an area of 247 hectares, Kulhuduffushi has long been the main hub of the northern economy.

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Vibrant Community of Kulhuduffushi: Maldives’ Third Most Populous City

The city of Kulhuduffushi is the third most populous city in the Maldives. A total of 10,646 people are registered as residents of the island. The island has a population of about 13,000 people, including those who migrated to the island for education, health, and other reasons.

HDh Kulhudhuffushi Photos

Diverse Economic Activities in Kulhuduffushi

Kulhuduffushi has always been an island with a hardworking and active populace. While toddy tapping and fishing are practiced on the island, boat building and blacksmith craftsmanship are still thriving. Business, transportation, and construction are the most developed sectors in Kulhuduffushi. The island also boasts a variety of retail and wholesale businesses, serving many islands in the region.

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Women of Kulhudufushi: Strong and Industrious

The women of Kulhuduffushi are also hardworking and active. Rope weaving is an ancient income-generating activity for the women of this island. Notable food products such as Haalu Folhi (thin crepes), Masbondi (a type of fish cake), and Fathuli Hakuru (sweet delicacy wrapped in leaves) are special products produced by the women of this island.

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Education in Kulhudufushi: A Wide Range of Options

Looking at the educational sector of Kulhuduffushi, this island offers a relatively wide range of educational opportunities in the Maldives. It provides education from foundation level to secondary level through three government schools. Additionally, there is a campus of the National University of Maldives, Villa College, MI College, private pre-schools, Quran classes, and tuition centers.

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Healthcare and Infrastructure of Kulhuduffushi

The island is being developed as a city and is an important regional hub. The Kulhuduffushi Regional Hospital is the place where the people of the three northern provinces rely on health services. With private clinics and many pharmacies, Kulhuduffushi has the best health services in the north of Maldives. It also hosts essential institutions such as a police and army headquarters, an ST regional shop, customs, IRA offices, BML, and Islamic Bank branches. Sporting facilities include a zone stadium, badminton arena, three football fields, two gyms, and a swimming track.

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Efficient Transportation: The Lifeline of Kulhuduffushi

Thanks to the efforts of the businessmen and the people of this island, Kulhuduffushi City has had a good sea transportation system since ancient times. Especially between Kulhuduffushi and the capital Male, a very strong transport network has been established. With the opening of the airport in 2018, the number of people traveling through Kulhudufushi has increased. With this revolutionary change, in addition to the airport, two local ports and an international seaport have been established in Kulhuduffushi.

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Kulhuduffushi’s Growing Pains: The Housing Dilemma

The biggest challenge facing the rapidly growing population of Kulhuduffushi is the lack of land. The construction of 400 flats on the island is underway, offering hope for a solution to the housing problem.

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Kulhuduffushi’s Natural Gem: The Unique Mangrove Forest

The most beautiful thing about Kulhuduffushi is the large mangrove to which the name of the island is attributed. This mangrove is the only such forest of its kind in the Maldives. The natural beauty of the forest is enhanced by the various birds and insects that descend into the waters of the mangrove. The mangrove is home to a variety of birds that are not found in the country during the seasonal bird migration.

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Cultural Celebrations Kulhuduffushi: A Haven of Rich Culture and Tradition

The people of Kulhuduffushi have rich cultures and customs. It would certainly not be an injustice to say that the island is renowned for celebrating the festivities of Eid in the most out-of-the-box and unique way in any island in the country. The Kulhuduffushi Mali Parade is famous throughout the country. Old-fashioned, traditional activities such as Dhemihigun, Hichahvadaigathun, women’s dafi, and men’s kodi kedun are still very much practiced during special occasions on this island. In addition, kite surfing and racing are very popular among the youth of Kulhuduffushi.

In conclusion, Kulhuduffushi is an island with a hard-working, humorous, and friendly community that takes pride in its natural beauty, rich culture, and thriving economy.

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