Ha. Muraidhoo

Immerse yourself in its lush greenery, underwater wonders, catch thrilling waves, and embrace the warm hospitality of the cohesive community of Muraidhoo.


Experience the Unique Flavors of Ha. Muraidhoo

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Muraidhoo Kashikeyo Foah

Craving a taste of Maldivian sweetness? Discover the delightful Muraidhoo Kashikeyo Foa! This treat tantalizes your taste buds with its unique flavors.

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An Oasis of Greenery: Muraidhoo’s Natural Beauty

Muraidhoo, an oval-shaped island located 279.1 km from Male City, is a haven of colorful greenery that stands out among other islands in the country. With its elevated terrain, it offers a unique landscape compared to its counterparts.

Muraidhoo Aerial
Muraidhoo Aerial

A Rich History and Tragic Sea Accident

Muraidhoo holds a significant place in the country’s history as the site of the second most tragic sea accident. A mother and her son lost their lives while departing from the island, leaving a lasting impact on the community.

Improving Connectivity: The Harbor Expansion Project

Despite the establishment of a harbor in 2007, Muraidhoo faces challenges in docking boats for passenger and goods transport during the western season. However, the ongoing harbor expansion project brings hope to the islanders, who anticipate improved connectivity and smoother operations.

Muraidhoo Aerial
Muraidhoo Harbour

Education in Muraidhoo: Empowering the Youth

From pre-school to grade ten, Muraidhoo offers comprehensive education to its residents. Currently, 163 students are enrolled in the island’s school, providing a strong foundation for the future generations.

Bananas Galore: Muraidhoo’s Agricultural Pride

Renowned as one of the largest banana producers in the Maldives, Muraidhoo boasts a thriving agricultural industry. Islanders cultivate bananas throughout the village, selling them to the city and resorts, contributing significantly to the local economy.

Muraidhoo Faiy Keyo
Muraidhoo Faiy Keyo

Kandoofa: A Fading Source of Nourishment

The presence of Kandoofa, a mangrove forest, was once vital for the food source of Muraidhoo’s inhabitants. Unfortunately, erosion has led to the decline of the mangrove forest, impacting the traditional livelihoods of the community.

Thrilling Adventures: Surfing and Diving in Muraidhoo

For adventure enthusiasts, Muraidhoo offers an exhilarating surfing experience with its impressive waves and breaks. Additionally, nearby diving sites in Haa Atoll provide breathtaking underwater exploration, attracting divers from all around.

Sports Enthusiasm: A Passionate Community

The people of Muraidhoo are known for their love of sports. The island’s youth actively engage in various sports, with football and volleyball being the most popular. Notably, many women in Muraidhoo enthusiastically participate in these sports, fostering inclusivity and empowerment.

Muraidhoo Aerial
New Muraidhoo Football Ground

Safe and Welcoming: The Cohesive Community of Muraidhoo

Muraidhoo prides itself on being a safe and crime-free town, reflecting the friendly and cohesive nature of its people. Visitors can expect a warm welcome and a sense of security while exploring the island’s vibrant culture and natural wonders.

Muraidhoo Council Iftar
Muraidhoo Council Iftar


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