Ha. Maarandhoo

Maarandhoo, known for its prosperous root vegetable crops. Today, it boasts a friendly community, historic landmarks, and a passion for football.


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Episode 6 – Ha.Maarandhoo

Ha.Maarandhoo is an island with a relatively large resident population. Even though Skipjack and Yellowfin tuna fisheries has completely disappeared from the island, reef fishing is still practiced in the island.

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Maarandhoo, also known as the ‘Dhandi Kattala,’ is a rural island situated in Ha. Atoll, boasting a population of 1,094 people. Its nickname stems from the Great Depression when the island’s abundant crops of root vegetables, particularly cassava, attracted visitors from neighboring islands. The residents of Maarandhoo were renowned for their agricultural expertise, cultivating various fruits and root vegetables during the south-west monsoon while engaging in fishing as their primary occupation during the northeast monsoon. The island’s agricultural prowess and fertile land contribute to its distinctiveness within the Maldives.

Maarandhoo Photos
Maarandhoo Photos

Maarandhoo: Pioneering Development

Maarandhoo has a rich history of being at the forefront of development within the atoll. It became the second island in the atoll to receive electricity, thanks to the tireless efforts of a private association that showcased the unity, friendship, and love of the island’s residents. The promotion of a healthy lifestyle is evident through the presence of a social center, football field, and futsal pitch, catering to the island’s passion for football. With its remarkable success in the sport, Maarandhoo stands out as one of the most accomplished islands in the atoll.

Maarandhoo Aerial
Maarandhoo Solar Panels

Transitioning Economy: From Fisheries to Tourism

While fisheries once dominated the profession of Maarandhoo’s youth, the island’s development has led to a transition toward the tourism sector. As the island continues to progress, an increasing number of residents find employment opportunities within the tourism industry. However, reef fishery remains a significant practice on the island, with 20 dedicated fishing boats serving this purpose. The evolving economy reflects Maarandhoo’s adaptability and commitment to embracing new opportunities.

Maarandhoo Fishing with Beybe
Maarandhoo Fishing with Beybe

Historical Significance of Maarandhoo

A unique feature of Maarandhoo is the “Naibu Ge” or island deputy’s house, constructed around a century ago. This historical house served as a venue for trials and appeals against decisions made on various islands within the atoll. The enduring presence of the “Naibu Ge” stands as a testament to Maarandhoo’s legal heritage and serves as a reminder of the island’s significant role in the region’s legal history.

Maarandhoo Photos
Maarandhoo Children playing football.

Preserving a Peaceful Way of Life in Maarandhoo

Maarandhoo prides itself on its safe and friendly community, characterized by low incidences of drugs and crime. The residents of Maarandhoo are dedicated to preserving their peaceful environment and have fostered a close-knit community that values the well-being of its members. With a strong sense of unity and a commitment to their way of life, the people of Maarandhoo embody the essence of a harmonious and caring society.


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