Ha. Hoarafushi

Discover the beauty of Ha. Hoarafushi, a stunning island with rich history, ongoing development, and a skilled workforce.


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Episode 4 – Ha.Hoarafushi

Hoarafushi, one of the northernmost islands witnessing rapid infrastructural progress and development, was once one of the leading fisheries islands in the atoll. This episode outlines the reasons for the decline of fisheries in the island.

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Historical Significance: Migration and Cultural Heritage

Hoarafushi, an island situated in a breathtaking lagoon surrounded by uninhabited islands in Haa Alif Atoll, carries a deep-rooted history. Its origins trace back to 1143 AH when the first settlers arrived after migrating from Ha. Huvahandhoo island. In 2006, an additional 171 individuals from Ha. Berinmadhoo were also relocated to Hoarafushi, bolstering the population to its current count of 3,558. The island embraces its past and showcases its cultural heritage, exemplified by the Ha. Atoll School, where secondary and higher education thrive.

Hoarafushi Mosque 6
Hoarafushi Mosque

Development Projects: Enhancing Connectivity and Addressing Erosion

A significant milestone in the development of Hoarafushi is the recent opening of the domestic airport in 2020, which is rapidly nearing completion. The remaining works, including vital beach protection efforts, are currently in progress and are anticipated to conclude within this year. With three daily flights to Hoarafushi Airport, the island enjoys enhanced connectivity for both residents and visitors. Moreover, ongoing road development and shore protection projects are actively underway to combat beach erosion, with completion expected within the current year.

Pristine Beaches and Cultural Landmarks of Hoarafushi

One of Hoarafushi’s allures lies in its pristine white sandy beach, which is further complemented by the presence of historical structures. The island’s ancient mosque, standing for over 80 years, holds a prominent place as the first mosque where the island’s residents used to pray. It serves as a significant cultural site and a testament to Hoarafushi’s heritage. Adjacent to it, the island’s cemetery boasts an ancient tomb where the renowned writer Hui Ali Didi rests, adding to the island’s historical significance and allure for visitors.

Hoarafushi Cleanup 33
Hoarafushi Cleanup 33

Skilled Workforce of Hoarafushi: Craftsmanship and Labor Hub

Hoarafushi proudly boasts a skilled and productive workforce renowned for their craftsmanship, particularly in the creation of giant clocks and fans. The island nurtures and showcases the talents of its sharp-minded and skilled workers, solidifying its reputation as a hub for skilled labor and craftsmanship. The dedication and expertise of its workforce contribute to the island’s thriving industries and economic growth.


A Promising Future: Growth and Progress on Hoarafushi

With its rich history, ongoing development projects, and a skilled workforce, Hoarafushi emerges as a sought-after destination for visitors and a promising location for future growth and progress. The island’s commitment to preserving its heritage while embracing modern development sets the stage for a prosperous future. As Hoarafushi continues to evolve, it stands poised to captivate more visitors and serve as a hub of innovation, cultural preservation, and economic advancement.

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