Ha. Filladhoo

Discover the captivating beauty of Filladhoo! From its watery landscape to thriving agriculture, ancient mosques, and a legendary shipwreck.


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Nestled in the Haa Alif Atoll of the Maldives, Filladhoo is a unique and captivating destination. Spanning 6 km in length and covering an area of 260 hectares, this watery paradise is home to a population of 1157. With its pristine waters and a tight-knit community, Filladhoo exemplifies the beauty of cleanliness and the strength of unity.

Clean Water and Education: Foundations of the Flourishing Community of Filladhoo

Filladhoo Island stands out from others in the Maldives due to its watery landscape. Initially, the depth of the water posed concerns for residents, but the recent introduction of clean drinking water and sewerage services has resolved these issues. The provision of these essential services has had a significant impact on the quality of life for the island’s inhabitants. Furthermore, Filladhoo boasts an educational system that offers schooling from pre-school to grade ten, with 130 students currently enrolled in the island’s school.

Filladhoo Tharaavees Keun
Dinner with the Filladhoo community

Thriving Agriculture and Fishing Traditions

Filladhoo is blessed with industrious residents who have been engaged in coconut trading since ancient times. In addition to coconut trade, the island also cultivates a wide variety of bananas, fruits, and vegetables. To support agricultural activities, 5000 acres of land have been allocated free of charge to households. Currently, 124 individuals actively utilize this designated area for agricultural purposes. Moreover, Filladhoo is renowned for its vibrant fishing industry, with two skipjack tuna fishery boats, dinghies, and small boats contributing to the island’s maritime livelihood.

Filladhoo Tharaagandu
Filladhoo Tharaagandu

Preserving Filladhoo’s History and Culture

The island houses an ancient mosque that stands as a testament to Filladhoo’s rich heritage. Constructed over 200 years ago using wood and stone, the mosque has undergone modern renovations while retaining its historical significance. Notably, the mosque features an ancient stone pit and a time stone, adding to its cultural significance. Additionally, Filladhoo Island is home to an area known as Tharaagandu, a site that remained shrouded in mystery until recently. In 2009, the discovery of human bones and tombstones confirmed the presence of a Muslim cemetery dating back over 600 years.

Filladhoo Aasaaree Miskiyy
Filladhoo Aasaaree Miskiyy

A Captivating Relic: Captain Pentalis Shipwreck Near Filladhoo

Filadhoo holds a fascinating tale of a Greek ship, Captain Pantelis, which sank off its coast in 1963. Carrying mineral-laden rocks, the ship left behind remnants that can still be seen on the island’s beach. Over time, the ship’s wreckage submerged, leaving only four pistons visible above the water. Today, the Captain Pentalis Shipwreck has transformed into a thriving ecosystem, attracting divers and serving as a popular destination for local adventurers.

Filladhoo Underwater Wreck
Filladhoo Underwater Wreck

Unity and Safety: A Crime-Free Haven

Filladhoo sets an unparalleled example of friendship and unity through its crime-free and safe environment. The residents’ unwavering commitment to maintaining a peaceful community creates a welcoming atmosphere for both locals and visitors alike.

Filladhoo, with its pristine waters, thriving agriculture and fishing industries, historical treasures, and warm community spirit, epitomizes the perfect blend of cleanliness and unity. As residents continue to uphold their values, this Maldivian gem remains a haven of serenity and charm, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the opportunity to visit.

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