Ha. Baarah

Immerse yourself in its rich history, explore the enchanting Kandoofaa forest, and experience the vibrant culture of the thriving community of Baarah.


Experience the Unique Flavors of Ha. Baarah

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Dhigu Baipen: A Tradition of Togetherness

Discover the heartwarming tradition of Dhigu Baipen in Baarah, where the community comes together to prepare and share a special porridge.

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Baarah, located in Northern Thiladhunmathi in the Maldives, has been a thriving settlement since ancient times. Shaped like the Arabic letter Baa, this naturally beautiful island covers 249 hectares and holds a wealth of culture and history. From its involvement in Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu’s war against the Portuguese to its unique harbor, Baarah offers a fascinating glimpse into the past. Today, it remains a vibrant community with a population of 2152, where hardworking individuals engage in agriculture, weaving, and fishing. Let’s explore the remarkable features and attractions that make Baarah Island truly exceptional.

Education and Infrastructure

Dedicated to fostering an educated generation, Baarah boasts a school that accommodates 300 students. Recognising the need for more space, 12 new classrooms have recently been constructed, ensuring an enhanced learning environment for the island’s youth.

The Unique Harbour of Baarah

Baarah’s harbour stands out among other islands due to its distinctive formation within a lagoon. Accessible throughout the seasons, it serves as a safe haven for boats seeking refuge during rough seas. However, while the jetty facilitates passenger transportation, locals have expressed concerns about its suitability for loading and unloading cargo.

Baarah Aerial
Aerial view of Baarah showing the unique lagoon harbour.

The Thriving Community

Baarah’s hardworking residents engage in various occupations to earn their livelihood. Agriculture plays a significant role, with crops like watermelon, pumpkin, butternut, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, and leafy greens thriving on the island. Traditional crafts, such as tatch roof weaving and coir rope weaving, are also practiced. The island’s fishing industry, comprising one fishing boat, 8 dinghies for sports fishing, and 06 reef fishing boats, sustains a significant male fisherman population.

Baarah Arrival
Baarah women performing the traditional art of “Bodu Beru”

Cultural Heritage of Baarah

Baarah stands as a model village in preserving and reviving cultural and historical activities. Traditional games like Eid bonfires, kodi jehun, eid vedhumaa dhiun, and hichchah dhiun continue to be practiced, offering a glimpse into the island’s vibrant traditions.

The Enchanting Kandoofaa

Boasting the largest Kandoofaa or Mangrove in the Maldives, Baarah captivates visitors with its stunning mangroves. This natural wonder showcases the island’s exceptional beauty and ecological significance.

Baarah Aerial
Baarah Kandoofaa

Historical Landmarks in Baarah

Baarah Island is replete with historical landmarks that tell tales of the past. The area where the vessel Kalhuohfummi was built stands as a testament to the island’s pivotal role in Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu’s war against the Portuguese. Banyan trees, sprouting from the trunks used in constructing Kalhuohfummi, add to the historical significance of the site. Additionally, the island is home to the tomb of Kanba Aissa, the widow of King Ali, and the ancient Friday Mosque, which has undergone numerous renovations.

Baarah Island is a treasure trove of nature, history, and culture. From its remarkable harbor and thriving community to its captivating Kandoofaa forest and historical landmarks, this island offers a unique and enriching experience. Visitors are invited to explore Baarah’s natural beauty, delve into its rich heritage, and immerse themselves in the vibrant traditions that continue to thrive on this remarkable Maldivian island.

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