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Explore The Underwater World with Mahir


Diving instructor Ismail Maahir, a seasoned explorer of the Maldivian waters, shares his passion for diving and his remarkable journey in discovering the captivating dive sites of Haa Alif Atoll. Despite initial skepticism about the diving scene in the region, Maahir’s determination to explore and map dive sites has uncovered a treasure trove of underwater beauty. In this exclusive interview, he highlights the unique qualities of Haa Alif, the importance of conservation, and his efforts to raise awareness among locals and tourists alike.

Discovering Hidden Dive Sites

With over 20 years of diving experience and exploration across 17 atolls, Ismail Maahir recognizes the distinctiveness of each atoll’s underwater ecosystem. However, it is Haa Alif that has captured his heart. Despite initial doubts expressed by others, Maahir’s personal exploration and collaboration with local fishermen and fellow divers have led him to identify an astounding 182 dive sites in the region. His dedication to mapping these sites aims to provide comprehensive briefings for tourists, ensuring they have a memorable and safe diving experience.

Untouched Beauty and Conservation

One of the standout features of Haa Alif Atoll is its pristine condition. Limited tourism development has resulted in untouched dive sites, free from the negative impacts of excessive human activity. Maahir emphasizes the importance of maintaining this natural beauty by encouraging responsible practices and raising awareness among local communities. His Viber group, which provides daily updates on marine sightings and activities, serves as a platform for education and collaboration.

Vashafaru Underwater
Vashafaru Underwater

Preserving Marine Ecosystems

Recognizing the potential threats to the delicate coral reef systems, Maahir advocates for increased awareness and action. He urges island councils to collaborate with marine biologists and diving schools to conduct regular awareness programs in schools. By educating students and their parents about the impact of littering and irresponsible fishing practices, he believes that future generations can become ambassadors for the protection and preservation of marine ecosystems.

Responsible Tourism

Maahir also stresses the importance of responsible tourism practices. He encourages resorts and diving operators to employ well-trained guides who prioritize the preservation of marine life and adhere to ethical diving standards. Proper briefings and guidelines for interacting with marine creatures, such as mantas and whale sharks, can ensure that guests have a memorable experience while minimizing any negative impact on the underwater environment.

A Call to Action

In his closing remarks, Ismail Maahir appeals to fishermen and all individuals who rely on the ocean for their livelihoods to take a more cautious and considerate approach. By using appropriate lighting techniques and avoiding damaging coral reefs, he believes that both the tourism and fisheries industries can thrive while protecting the fragile marine ecosystems that sustain them.

Ismail Maahir’s passion for diving and his commitment to preserving the natural wonders of Haa Alif Atoll serve as an inspiration to all. Through his extensive exploration and dedication to raising awareness, Maahir is not only discovering breathtaking dive sites but also ensuring their long-term preservation. By promoting responsible tourism and community engagement, he is playing a vital role in safeguarding the marine treasures of Haa Alif for future generations to admire and cherish.

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