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Bodu Keyn


In the heart of Haa Dhaalu Finey, within the historic walls of Asurumaage, resides Aiminath Adam, a guardian of tradition and a bearer of culinary secrets. With a heart full of pride, she unveils the timeless art of preparing “Bodu Keyn,” a communal feast that embodies the essence of Finey’s culinary heritage.

A Journey to Finey’s Heart

Aiminath Adam’s voice resonates with history as she guides us through the meticulous process of crafting Bodu Keyn. This traditional meal is more than sustenance; it’s a symphony of flavors that graces households across Finey, a shared experience that binds families and friends together.

Ingredients: A Feast of Diversity

The centerpiece of Bodu Keyn is its diversity – a cornucopia of flavors that come together to celebrate Finey’s culinary legacy. The ingredients for this communal feast are a testament to the island’s rich bounty:

  • 3 cups of rice
  • A bowl of sugar
  • Flatbread
  • Masfathafolhi (a fish crepe)
  • Omelette
  • Three types of sweet porridge
  • Two types of salad (onion salad and leafy green salad)
  • Fish cake
  • Fish balls
  • Sambosa
  • Empanada with sweet coconut filling
  • Roasted chicken
  • Three types of curry

Crafting Bodu Keyn: A Culinary Symphony

The process begins with a choreography of flavors, where each ingredient is an integral part of the dance. The keyn, a circular vessel, becomes a canvas on which the masterpiece is assembled. Once the keyn is filled with an array of dishes, it’s elegantly wrapped in cloth, preserving the warmth and aroma that emanate from within.

Curries, the crown jewels of Bodu Keyn, are given a separate honor. Packed in tinfin boxes or containers, these curries and their accompanying juices are cherished elements of the communal feast.

A Ritual of Sharing: Nourishing the Body and Soul

As the gathering unfolds, the keyn takes center stage – carried gracefully on the head of one person and placed in the “haruge,” where conversation and community thrive. With a ceremonial untying of the cloth, the feast is unveiled, and a sense of togetherness envelops the atmosphere.

Each person serves themselves from the keyn, embracing the diversity of flavors that Finey has to offer. As the meal concludes, helping hands ensure that the act of cleaning one’s hands is not just a routine but an expression of care and kinship.

A Closing Tradition: A Taste of History

With a heart nourished by both the feast and the camaraderie, the keyn is repacked and taken back home, a journey that symbolizes the continuity of tradition and the art of sharing.

In the heart of Haa Dhaalu Finey, Bodu Keyn is more than a meal; it’s a testament to the island’s culture, its heritage, and its people. Through Aiminath Adam’s words, the tradition of crafting and enjoying Bodu Keyn comes alive – a celebration of flavors, a journey through time, and a bond that transcends generations.

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