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Banbukeylu Kandu Kukulhu


In the heart of the Maldives lies a treasure trove of flavors, where culinary traditions are more than just recipes – they’re a bridge to the past. Meet Sofiya Adbu-Rahman, a culinary torchbearer hailing from Reysam in Haa Dhaalu Finey, who generously shares the secrets of crafting a cherished family dish – Bambukeyo Kandukukulhu.

A Culinary Odyssey to Finey’s Heart

Bambukeyo Kandukukulhu is a masterpiece of simplicity and tradition, a curry made with the versatile breadfruit as its star ingredient. Sofiya Adbu-Rahman takes us on a journey through the process that has been a part of her family’s legacy, a recipe that embodies the soul of Haa Dhaalu Finey.

Ingredients: A Symphony of Taste

  • Breadfruit (quantity as needed)
  • Leaves for wrapping
  • Fish (of your choice)
  • Onions
  • Chillies
  • Garlic
  • Spices (customary Maldivian blend)
  • Skewers

Crafting Bambukeyo Kandukukulhu: A Labor of Love

Sofiya’s process unfolds like a timeless tale, starting with peeling the breadfruit and gently enveloping it with leaves, akin to cradling its essence. The “kandukukulhu” fish mixture is a chorus of flavors, as onions, chillies, garlic, and spices join in symphonic harmony. This amalgamation is intertwined with the breadfruit, each element enhancing the other’s essence. Skillfully rolled up and secured with skewers, these parcels are ready to unfold their magic.

A Symphony of Coconut: A Tropical Elixir

Central to this culinary artwork are two coconuts, each contributing its essence to the curry’s symphony. From the coconuts, the play of creaminess begins – thick coconut cream milk and a bowl of thin milk. The thin milk takes on a new dimension with a sprinkle of spice blend, crafting a foundation that echoes with depth.

Curry Magic Unleashed

The dance begins with the thin milk mixture gently simmering, an orchestra of flavors intertwining. Gradually, the breadfruit pieces, imbued with history and tradition, find their place in the pot. Amid the simmering, the remaining fish joins the ensemble, a union that mirrors the island’s bond with the sea. The crescendo comes as thick coconut milk and the onion mixture are woven into the tale, ushering in a richness that can only be drawn from time-honored techniques.

A Culinary Heritage Rekindled

As the aroma of Bambukeyo Kandukukulhu fills the air, it’s a testament to Finey’s enduring culinary legacy. The dish, lovingly prepared according to the traditional ways of generations past, is a symbol of continuity, connection, and the art of storytelling through food.

In every bite, history speaks, tradition flourishes, and the essence of Haa Dhaalu Finey is savored. Sofiya Adbu-Rahman’s journey to Bambukeyo Kandukukulhu encapsulates the essence of preserving heritage, celebrating culture, and creating an unbreakable link between generations through the power of taste.

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