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Aarus: A Delightful Maldivian Sweet Treat


Indulging in traditional culinary delights not only nourishes our taste buds but also connects us to our cultural heritage. Today, we bring you a delightful recipe straight from the kitchen of Haa Alif Baarah’s own Aiminath Abdu-Rahmaan. Get ready to explore the flavors of Aarus, a mouthwatering Maldivian sweet treat that will leave you craving for more.


  • Generous amount of young coconut flesh
  • 3 cups of rice
  • Blend of spices (optional)
  • Sugar
  • Water


  1. Begin by soaking the rice in water until it is well saturated. This process ensures that the rice is softened and ready for grinding. Allow it to soak for an adequate amount of time, typically a few hours.
  2. Once the rice has soaked, strain it and transfer it to a grinder. Grind the rice until it forms a smooth paste-like consistency. The ground rice will serve as the base for our Aarus.
  3. Next, scrape the flesh from the young coconut and set it aside. The tender coconut flesh adds a delightful texture and flavor to the Aarus.
  4. In a mixing bowl, combine the ground rice, coconut flesh, and the desired amount of sugar. You can also add a blend of spices like cardamom or cinnamon for additional flavor, if desired. Mix everything together thoroughly, ensuring that the ingredients are well incorporated.
  5. Add a bit of water to the mixture to achieve a slightly liquid consistency. This will help in the cooking process and allow the flavors to blend harmoniously.
  6. Transfer the mixture to a cooking pot and place it on a stove over medium heat. Stir the mixture continuously to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pot and to ensure even cooking. Cook until the water has evaporated and the mixture thickens.
  7. Once the mixture has cooked through, remove the pot from the stove and allow it to cool down. As it cools, the mixture will solidify slightly, making it easier to shape into balls.
  8. Once the mixture has cooled, take small portions of the mixture and shape them into small, bite-sized balls using your hands. The Aarus balls should be firm yet soft to the touch.
  9. Your Aarus is now ready to be savored! Serve it as a delightful sweet treat for yourself, family, or guests. The combination of the creamy coconut, aromatic rice, and sweetness will surely leave a lasting impression.

Aarus, a traditional Maldivian delicacy, brings a burst of flavors and cultural richness to your palate. Thanks to Aiminath Abdu-Rahmaan from Haa Alif Baarah for sharing this treasured recipe. Prepare these delectable Aarus balls and indulge in the authentic taste of the Maldives. Enjoy the sweet journey into the flavors of Maldivian cuisine!

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